Where to?: 3 Food Places that you might want to try sometime

Hungry? or just bored?

You can try these restaurants for an adventure!


Looking for an affordable Korean-style restaurant? try:

Mr. Kimbob

Mr. Kimbob is a quick service restaurant chain, so don’t be confused between “Mr. Kimbob”, “Seoul Bibimbob”, and “Bibimbob” because they are all related.


They offer Korean health meals such as Japchae noodles, Rice cakes, Korean Dumplings, and their ever-so famous BIBIMBOB.  

Mr. Kimbob (Food Court, SM Novaliches)

Honestly, I’m a regular customer of this particular branch because the ambiance of the place is nice and peaceful unlike any other other SM Food court. The crew is always welcoming and friendly.

(Photo not mine)
Kimbob. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.thehappytrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/MR.-KIMBOB1.jpg
Regular Beef Bibimbob (They also have it in large)

Of course I ordered my favorite Bibimbob (109 pesos). I’ve never actually tried their other meals because of this one. It is always served hot and presentable. You can choose between Chicken, Beef, or Pork Bibimbob.

Taste: Spicy! (with a little sour taste)

My friends told me that it looks like a “kaning-baboy” when mixed, but I’m telling you, It’s not.

Smell: For me, it doesn’t really matter but it has a little bit of sour smell (in a good way).

You don’t really have to worry if you’re not a spicy-meal lover because you can control the level of the spiciness!


This Bimbob sauce is included in the meal.

Budget per person : 100-200 pesos

RATING: 10/10


  • Choose water over soda (specially when ordering a spicy-meal)
  • It will take 5-15 minutes for your food to be served.
  • Their branches are usually located at SM Food courts but you can locate what’s the closest branch to you. Just go to their site (www.mrkimbob.com) and click “store locator”.
  • Also, Mr. Kimbob is hiring! Just visit http://www.mrkimbob.com for more info. (Click “Apply Now” under the “Careers” tab where you can upload your resume).



Want to try a Korean-styled Buffet within manila? try:

Seoul Garden (Philippines)

Disclaimer: This is not a negative review. I just want to share my experience.

A buffet restaurant that serves Korean styled foods. Sadly, they only have one branch and it’s located at SM North Edsa, Annex.

(Photo not mine)

Seoul Garden. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7054/6894920791_e7684dbc32_b.jpg

The place (photo not mine)

Seoul Garden. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDYKMcHapyNr8ZwWKxixgCBNJL0F9iBr1r7weY81gBKuWF_2CLJQ

I would rate my first visit here at 4/5 stars because the ambiance was good, the place was air conditioned, plus I ate a lot. I think I really enjoyed it.

But my second visit was a little disaster! 

February 7th of this year (My birthday), I decided to have my celebration here with my brother and cousin.

My brother and cousin

They actually have a promo during birthdays (You just have to present your birth certificate and be accompanied by 3 adults). I wasn’t aware that I have to be with 3 adults so I just payed the student price (dinner: 399 pesos).

(Photo not mine)

SG. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Fs5a54m4U9c/TrDPDaPM_HI/AAAAAAAACGw/VNuRuEXmdxY/s1600/IMG_0857.JPG

The ambiance of the place was chill but a little boring (no music).

I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures because I was too busy cooking (and eating). The girl staff also warned us not to take photos of the food without someone with it but here’s the list of what we ate + our thoughts:

  • Spicy Squid – It has a slimy texture. It didn’t even taste spicy.
  • Sweet and Spicy Dory – Also has the slimy texture (even if we fried it) but it’s ok.
  • Clams – I didn’t like it, some of it won’t open (steamed)
  • Asian Barbecue Chicken – I loved it. 
  • Hot dog and Cheese dog – tastes normal (nothing korean-styled)
  • Squid balls – same as the hot dogs and cheese dogs (nothing korean-styled)
  • Crab – We hated it.
  • Chopped BBQ Pork – Our favorite! I think we ate almost a kilo of it. It was tender and juicy.
  • Pork Belly – Nothing special
  • Shrimp – We made “Sinigang na hipon” (my favorite). I loved it. The ingredients are also available at the counter.
  • Sinigang Soup – Our main soup (we used in making the sinigang
  • Sushi – It tastes like a normal sticky rice. Thumbs down for this one.
  • Mini Cupcakes – Of course we loved it.
  • Marshmallow – We topped it with chocolate.
  • Different Flavors of Ice cream – Fast-melting Ice cream. The flavors are okay.
  • Four Seasons and Guyabano Juice – has too much sugar in it.

In conclusion, I was kind of disappointed. Mainly because:

  1. The girl staff looked at us like we don’t have enough money to pay for a buffet. She’s not very accommodating. (She even sounded bored while talking to us) 
  2. I saw a fly roaming around our area and it disturbed us.
  3. No Air Condition 
  4. We had no idea what/how to cook in Korean-style.
  5. We didn’t feel the Korean-vibe of the restaurant.

Despite of my negative experience with this restaurant, I would still recommend it.

Budget per person: 300-700 pesos

Rating: 5/10


  • Do not drink water (or any liquid) to avoid feeling full.
  • Avoid the rice corner as much as you can for your buffet experience to be worth the price.
  • Separate the seafood and meat to avoid making it all salty.
  • You can ask the staff to lower/higher the stove temperature.
  • Visit here as a group or a family.
  • Bring your student I.D’s/Senior Citizen I.D’s for discounts.
  • I suggest to do some research about Korean recipes before going here.
  • Be aware of the service charge (It’s a little pricey) 


Going out of the country and looking for the best coffee (or pastry)? try:

Tre castelli

Visiting Rome, Italy anytime soon?

You definitely have to try Tre castelli. One of the fast-casual restaurants in Rome that serves the best cappuccino .

Trivia: In Italia, Cafe houses (Starbucks to us) are called “Bars”. 

Via dei Georgofili 91 00147 Rome, Italy

I stayed in Rome for almost 6 months.

My mom and I love to spend our mornings here because the crew are so welcoming and the ambiance of the place is very relaxing and peaceful. They even have an open area where you can sip your coffee without the smell of pollution in the air.


I am so in love with their pastries!

For me, it’s the definition of perfection (specially their tiramisu). #Instagramable 

The pastries are cute and delicious. I cannot put it into words but it’s not that sweet and not that tasteless.

Regular Cappuccino and Danesse

Danesse“, My favorite bread. It is similar to the taste of “eggstastic” of Bread Talk except that it’s kind of crusty and it has raisins.

Cappuccino topped with chocolate syrup

They make the best cappuccino ever!

Trivia: You’ll witness how they’ll make your order 

The favorite

Tre Castelli also sells different flavors of Magnum.

Fresh from the oven!

Budget per person: 3-5 Euro/ 150-250 pesos (1 Euro = 50 pesos)

  • Acqua = Water
  • Tramezzini = Sandwich
  • Cornetto = Croissant
  • Spremutta = Juice
  • Birre piccole = Small Beer

Rating: 10/10


  • Say “Ciao” (Hello) or “Buon giornno” (Good Morning) upon entering.
  • Talk to them slowly when speaking in English.
  • Tre Castelli is a great place to unwind and relax.



Good luck on your food adventure!

Just remember to enjoy the little things.




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